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At G. Curnock & Associates we make a commitment to our clients, right at the first meeting, that we will keep them well informed about the planning and ongoing status of their project.

Of course, our first meeting with you is key as we discuss your project's requirements, whether it's for a new house, an addition, or a renovation to an existing house. Perhaps you're a business owner looking to build a new facility, renovate an existing building or expand a current one.

We review your requirements, discuss your ideas, and then get right to work doing the important due diligence which will allow your project to move forward. This includes checking any appropriate municipal rules and regulations regarding allowable use, encroachments, set backs, lot coverage percentages, and building heights.

Meantime, the creative process is underway as we establish the draft site and floor plans. We review that with you, our client, make any necessary revisions and then develop the construction plans.

Following another consultation with our client and perhaps development of some optional requirements (e.g. electrical and HVAC), the site and construction plans are finalized.

So you can see that from start to finish we make sure you get what you want with no surprises because we keep you up to date on an ongoing basis.